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GSP vs Silva PPV Predictions?

So, it's seeming more and more possible we're going to see this super-fight, but as it's becoming more of a possibility, is it really worth it?

The numbers of UFC 154 ppv buys might shed some light on the potential to this match, but I don't think it would sell as much as DW/UFC would hope for.

As fans it would be sweet. However, one way or another, it would leave a lot of fans disappointed. If Silva loses, his credibility of being a MW Champ is shot ...who would give a shit to buy his next PPV?

And of course people wouldn't be that upset if GSP lost to a bigger man, but what if he gets knocked the f*ck out in embarrassing fashion ...wouldn't that tarnish his legacy? ...even more

For awhile the thought of this fight excited me. But it's a bigger guy fighting a smaller guy. Condit is no A.Silva.

I'm not saying I won't be somewhat excited to see it (although I know where I'd put my money), but I don't think it'll sell 2 million pay-per-views or set any records. Although maybe.... I could be wrong.

What do you guys think, would it be the best selling PPV ever? Brock vs Mir 2? Smashing Liddell vs Ortiz 2? Sonnen vs Silva 2? For some reason, I doubt it.
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