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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
lol, it's not that I think he has no shot. GSP is obviously talented enough to beat anyone. But come on... it's Anderson Silva. A very hard man to bet against. GSP is as dominant as they come, but I'm being honest when I say that he's left more than one fight pretty beat up. Whereas Silva has only tasted pain once in his UFC tenure. I see his Superman like power and Flash like reflexes on full display against top guys and I've no reason to believe that he couldn't do the same against the other P4P best fighters in the world.

It's not that I think GSP has no chance. Of course he does. His best attribute is Silva's main 'weakness'. I just find it increasingly difficult to bet against Silva. For my money, the one man who CAN beat him is Chael Sonnen, and he's failed to do so twice now. Chael's is the best wrestling in MMA, and Anderson managed to figure him out twice. Granted GSP has superior submission defence.
Well then can everyone who feels similar to you just say they don't want the fight because Anderson would smash him?

And not hide behind this size excuse?

You just said flash like reflexes. Anderson punching GSP in his face has nothing much to do with size. It is because Anderson's skillset is better suited for MMA than GSP's. Anderson can finish you before you even touch him.

Plus GSP would be quicker than anyone Silva has dealt with, so maybe he would give Anderson's quickness some trouble?

Either way Anderson never uses any sort of size in his fights. GSP would be the one engaging in a brute strength match. He would try to take Silva down, punch him, and keep him there. He is supposed to be the best wrestler in MMA.

If Anderson wins it would have very little to do with size. It would be because he is simply much better than GSP. GSP doesn't have the chin to deal with people who hit him in the face. I would just like more people to admit that they don't want it because it isn't close. Not because of size.

Condit is 6'2 with like a 76 inch reach and probably weighs just as much as GSP before they cut. Difference is ANderson doesn't waste time hjumping around doing ridiculous moves he has no chance of connecting with. Condit wastes a lot of his energy jumping around trying weird stuff. Anderson is accurate and actually knows what he is doing with any odd strike he throws.
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