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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Did YOU miss the times when Anderson openly said he wasn't interested in the jones fight?

Yes, Joes and Sonnen are doing TUF, but that is irrelevant as I don't think Silva will ever fight Jones, never mind next year.

One of the only downside to being a mod is that to mod the board effectively you can't put users on ignore. You my friend do nothing but throw your opinions around on this board and then jump all over people when they don't agree with your points. Has there ever been a thread you've contributed to that didn't end up in an argument?
No, I didn't miss it. But unlike you, I have a concept of time. ANderson has said he would be open to fighting Bones down the road more recently than he said he wouldn't. He is about big money fights at this stage. He figured he could to a GSP fight and a Bones fight.

Sorry I get so much under your skin. I find it funny that you say all I do is throw opinions around...yet just before that you said you don't think Anderson will ever fight Bones...which is strictly opinion. And Anderson has actually as far back as Saturday said he wanted to do the Bones fight.

And to add one more time. Bones isn't sitting there asking to fight Anderson. HE DOESN'T WANT THAT FIGHT AND HAS SAID SO. He isn't asking Anderson to meet him at 195. Where as Anderson is actually asking for GSP and asking him to meet him.

So to me those 2 things are very different.

I don't jump on anyone who disagrees. I simply debate my point. And you have lost badly.
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