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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
There is a vast difference between the way I present my opinions, to the way you aggressively force your opinions on people.

The fact that you see it as you winning and me losing badly just further proves my point.

Now, if you wish to discuss this further you know where the PM button is.

Back on topic.
You are a mod. Of course how we post will be different.

I'm here to give an opinion and the present facts/reasons to back them up.

I didn't mean to jump down your throat. But it just urks me when people act like Anderson won't fight Bones like GSP won't fight Anderson. You can't say that because Bones isn't offering a catchweight. I don't like when people make that claim then totally leave out the part where Bones doesn't want that fight either.

Everyone can have their own opinion. But lets not leave out key facts for the sake of trying to make a point. Anderson isn't ducking Bones anymore than Bones is ducking Anderson.
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