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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
I've got to be honest here, I'll be amazed if we ever see either bones/ silva or silva/GSP.

Regardless of who doesn't want to fight who.
I think Dana is hell bent on getting a superfight in.

Anderson fighting Weidman or Belcher wouldn't do many view. He doesn't want Anderson to retire without geting at least 1 huge payday out of him again. Bisping/Anderson would probably do ok numbers. I think Dana makes 1 happen. I think Anderson himself is going to want that Bones fight more than ever when it comes time. When great fighters end their careers they usually go out on biggest fights of their careers. Anderson Silva is looking for a big pay day to take with him into retirement.

I wish Rashad would man up and go to 185. That would be a fun fight.

Perhaps Bones beats Chael. Machida beats Dan. Bones beats Machida again. So that leaves the door open for Anderson to get somke revenge for Machida...and Machida won't be looking at a title shot so Andersonwouldn't feel in the way.

Anderson/Bones for the 205 title SB weekend of 2014. Anderson leaves with a KO. Dumps the belt and retires. Bones goes to HW to start a new goal. They do a mini tourney for the 205 title.

That is at least what I am thinking about.
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