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Originally Posted by Todd Keuneke View Post
So If Known Of You Know My Martial Arts Experience I Have Been Trained In Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Wing Chun, Kali Escrima, Muay Thai, Silat, Boxe Franchise And Shooto..........

I Started My Training Under Sifu Keith Wetoskey Full Instructor Under Guro Dan Inosanto, Vice President Of Larry Hartsells Grappling Association, Full Instructor In Wing Chun Under Sifu Randy Williams. I Started With Keith In 1994 And Stopped In 2001 So I Studied Under Him For 7 Years 4 Times A Week. He Has Posted A Blog About How Many Hours I Studied Under Him And Its Totally False He Is Just Pissed Cause I Challenged Him And Even Said Alot Of What He Teaches Is Garbaged. For Him To Say That I Only Had 144 Hours And Some Seminars Is Crazy He's Own Instructors Nik Havert And Lisa Charles Have Said I Should Of Been An Instructor Under Him Many Years Ago. But, I Know Its Because He Thinks Its Cause I Will Teach Cagefighters The Art Of Jeet Kune Do And He Doesnt Believe In It. Here He Is Telling A Guy That Is A Bouncer And Has Used Martial Arts In Everyday Life Not Some Monk Trying To Build Up Some Bullshit Chi And Become Monk Like In Religion. I Came From The Streets And He Knows That, That Unlike Him I Fought Many Times A Week Under No Rules And No Weight Classes Nor Cup Nor Mouth Guard. Keith Himself Has Not Trained With As Many Jeet Kune Do Legends As I Have Nor Has Real Experience. Its Funny When I Let My Parents Know That He Says I Only Had 144 Hours Under Him Considering While I Was At Med School My Parents Paid For My Classes For Over 4 Years.....keith Teaches Tuesday And Thursdays For 3 Hours Then On Saturdays For 5 Hours So Just Taking One Week Of His Classes You Get 11 Hours So That Means I Only Took Thats Means If You Do The Math If You Are That Intelligent Most Jkd Guys Arent Though So Here That Means I Took 10 In A Half Weeks Of Classes From Him I Have Every Check We Wrote Him For Classes And They Date Back To 1994 To 2001 And I Think He Should Tell You Guys That Most Of The Time I Was His Only Student And For Sure The Only Student On Saturdays Whilel The Rest Would Be Partying The Night Before. Keith Is Just An Anger Man Like Most Jkd Guys Are If Keith Is So Good Why Didnt He Accept My Challenge To Fight Him And Any Of His Students Cause He Knows He Cannot Beat Me. Kieth Use To Think I Was The Best Kid He Knew But, As Soon As A Questioned What He Taught And Even Though Any Of You That Train In Mma And Cagefighting Would Be Puking Your Guts At Keiths Class I Didnt Think He Trained Hard Enough And After Over 7 Years Under Him I Decided To Train Others And Myself So That Was In 2001 Now Its 2009 Almost 2010 So That Means Thats Another 9 Years So I Have Been Doing This For 16 Years And Everyday Why Dont You Ask My Sifu Keith How I Had To Go To A Couselor Cause I Trained To Much And You Guys Maybe Train Once A Week Its A Joke
You don't have to start every word in caps, you're a grown ass man, you should know this. If you think street fighting is so much better than MMA why do you watch? Why don't you just youtube videos of people just fighting?

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