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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I didn't say that the cuts and bruises on his face were indicative of Condit doing more damage, I simply said that they were proof that Condit inflicted damage from the bottom position, which he did.

As for Condit doing more damage throughout the fight, that was very evident with the head kick and follow up GNP he landed in round three. By far the most significant and damaging strikes in the entire fight.
It really isnt indicative of that though. Condit landed alot of punches in the stand up portion of the fight too. You are just seeing what you want to see.

And tbh bruises to the face do not equal damage. Iv gotten bruises on my face and i wasnt hurt or damaged. I would actually press on the bruise because i like the feeling lol
And lips swell up fairly easy as well.

The only bruise indicative of damage might be the one on GSPs nose BUT id bet the house that was caused by a punch to the nose when Condit rocked GSP.
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