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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I didn't say that the cuts and bruises on his face were indicative of Condit doing more damage, I simply said that they were proof that Condit inflicted damage from the bottom position, which he did.

As for Condit doing more damage throughout the fight, that was very evident with the head kick and follow up GNP he landed in round three. By far the most significant and damaging strikes in the entire fight.


You need a course in logic.

That's like saying a baseball team had more offense because they scored 5 runs in 1 inning despite losing the game 9-5.

The fact Condit's head kick and 1 minute of GNP were the most significant and damaging strikes of the fight doesn't actually mean he did more damage over the course of the entire fight.

Entire being the operative word.

But here is what really flies over your head. Even if you say that over the course of the entire fight Condit did more damage...that isn't the only criteria a fight is judged on.
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