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Originally Posted by OHKO View Post
Well at least he admitted he was being stupid and careless.
Only as an attempt to save himself from a backlash, he’s concerned with his career not offending MMA fans, practitioners or homosexuals.

I’ll never understand the idea that learning to be a better fighter means that you’re crossing the boundary of homosexuality. I think that these mainstream jocks are actually afraid not of gays but of leaving their ESPN comfort zone and challenging themselves in a combat sport which may humble them.
The idea that someone is far more Alfa and bad ass then them makes them feel inadequate, their reaction is to talk shit (from the safety of their analyst booth) and try and take their betters down a level.

I could see joking about figure skaters or dancers being “gay” if you were old school and ignorant (even though figure skating is dangerous and takes athleticism and dancers are some of the best athletes of all). But at the end of the day unless you can get out there and DO IT you have no room to talk and deserve no respect or credibility.

Then again perhaps Seth does fantasize about being dominated by a flaming gay guy with great top control and he’s just projecting?
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