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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Ok. I'll help you step by step.

Thread title(You created):
My two cents about the topic:

So you come...

So I answer your question with another: Did I say anything about Condit?
I did simply respond to the topic you created.
Did it help?
Ok, but there's no need to be a condescending, patronizing prick about it.

I think my main gripe with "fighters" who look to grind out decision victories, content to control their opponents and score points rather than look for the kill is the fact there are set rounds. I always find myself asking; what if there were no round limits? Jon Fitch may very well be capable of beating Nick Diaz in a three/five round contest, but if there was no limit to the rounds, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nick Diaz would at some point finish Jon Fitch and make him wilt under the pressure.

To me, the essence of Martial Arts and fighting has always been about making your opponent buckle under your pressure and giving up in some form, whether it be by KO, submission or verbally giving up. I get that this is a sport with rules, but I will always respect the true "fighters" for their warrior spirit over the sportsmen looking to play the points game.
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