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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Corruption in it's ugliest form. Alistair Overeem tests positive for sea-biscuit levels of testosterone, but plays the game, cooperates and acts nice with the athletic commission so they do him a favor.

Nick tries to sue these sly old gits at the commission for their BS so they make an example out of him.

What a crooked dastardly bunch of old codgers. They make me feel sick.
So, one guy gets caught breaking the rules once and makes amends for it. Cooperates with what is required to get back in the ring, and does all that he is supposed to do to get his job back.

The second guy, gets caught a second time breaking the same rule. Fights the commission tooth and nail, even attempts to sue them. Does nothing that will help him get his licence back, even attempts to compete in another non-sanctioned combat sport (very frowned upon when suspended from an athletic commission) but flakes out and doesn't show up.

Now the second guy is the one in the right and the commission is in the wrong? He broke the rules and basically put his middle finger in the air and told the commission to suck it! Well, guess what? He will have to wait until his suspension is up, then attempt to get his licence back then. Not before! He has shown no signs of wanted to get his licence back, nor has he worked with the commission to do so.

On the other hand Overeem has shown that he wants to get back in the ring, and seems like he is taking out of competition drug tests and doing all that is needed.

I say good for them!

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