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Originally Posted by mastodon2222 View Post
I agree. All things equal, top position is always the better place to be. The only position where it's almost equal is full guard. The only time I'd score it for the bottom guy is if he's actively trying subs and keeping the top guy so busy/worried that he can't effectively use his top advantage.
^^^^ This.

If you are on the bottom and want to win the round, then you better have pulled guard and are actively getting decent sub attempts all the while staying away from the GNP.

If you are a known skilled BJJ practitioner, put on your back against your will,and are not getting hardly any chances to hook a sub attempt, and on the rare occasion when you do you end up having your sub attempts easily shrugged off, then you have lost the round.

Some people who complain about GSP and the ground game need to rewatch the GSP/Shields fight, then come back and tell me how much more exciting a stand up game can be ... the ring girls will pillows would have been more exciting. That's a fight where a good ground fight was much needed.

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