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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
The one thing that i just can't figure out is this.

GSP is a guy that strives to do what is best for his career. He tries to win taking the least amount of damage (though ending it early would also have that effect, there is just more risk). He does all the necessary diet and training regimens. He cuts weight properly. He seeks out the best coaches. He follows his gameplan to a tee. He keeps his personal life in check though to not lose any sponsors. Does all the PR the UFC requires. He's soft spoken and respectful (bar diaz). And ultimately, he wins all of his fights by domination.

GSP is a worrier and is VERY human in regard to what's possible.
He is a perfectionist. To reiterate what others' have said, he's too prideful to say no outright. He knows what's at stake and I'd like to bring up my analogy.

Anybody who's ever read the Trojan War. It's like Achilles calling out Hector. Hector doesn't have to, but to defend his honour and Troy he goes out and battles Achilles. Fights valiantly, but he's outmatched in every way possible.

If you were GSP would you fight Anderson. The more I realize it, it's like asking each of the lower weight class champs to fight the above weight class.

Demetrious Johnson vs DC whom he already lost to.
DC vs Aldo. Good luck there!
Aldo vs Bendo. Probably the closest match up out there.
Bendo vs GSP. GSP would outmuscle em big time.

LHW vs JDS. I got money on JDS.

So there's the big triangle.

GSP vs Anderson Silva vs LHW title holder

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