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So that basically means they don't want Anderson.

Hey Anderson, we know you are 37 going on 38. We like to act like you are too big for GSP and some massive MW.

But we want you to drop to 170. Cool with you?

hahahahaha. ironic.

According to GSP it takes him like a year to put on 5 or 10 good lbs. But he wants Anderson to go anorexic in a few months. The irony is great. Haha

Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Man, Anderson isnt making 170lbs and nor should he.

A fight at a catchweight would be fairer but I think Anderson is always going to have the size advantage.

Even at a 178lbs catchweight, on fight night Anderson will probably be weighing in at 200+ whilst GSP is gonna be probably 190ish.

Mark my words, this fight aint happening at any weight.
It is a superfight. Between 2 guys separated by 1 weight class. Of course someone will have a size "advantage". It isn't like Anderson is Brock Lesnar. And going to use it fully. He is an elusive striker going down to take on a faster opponent.

If they did 178 it is reasonable to expect Anderson to only be around 200 the next day. And it is reasonable to assume GSP will be at least 190. He says he is 190-193 when he drops all the way to 170. S

So what are we talking here? 10 to 15 lbs? 2 or 3 inches of reach? Guys at the same weight class have disadvantages equal to to that routinely. Jon Jones out-weighs his opponents by 15-20 lbs and enjoys a foot reach over many of them.

Someone in a superfight is going to have to be the smaller man. Makes sense that it is the 6 year younger, wrestler.

Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
So what even if he has a small size advantage, whatever, more props to GSP if he wins it and no shame if he loses, he was at a size disadvantage against the #1 p4p and at the very least stepped up, and at the most dethroned him.

I mean this was a sport without weight classes and guys like BJ Penn challenging 3 weight classes above even after weight classes. Even now, it's not like the divisions are homogenous in terms of weight, every division has guys that are relatively "bigger" and cut far more weight than others in the division.

This superfight should be about the two best technicians in MMA duking it out to see whose technique is truly the best. Each guy has the technique that has been shown to be the other's kryptonite, GSP with his relentless wrestling, transitions and GnP, and Silva with his one shot accuracy. 8 lbs here or there won't be the deciding factor, the styles themselves will be.
Agree with all of this. This is how I feel. This fight isn't about whos bigger. It is about #1 vs. #2.

If people are that hung up over 10 lbs...when the guy doesn't even use his weight. Then they should just add 4 more weights. So guys like Jones don't tower over his regular opponents. If we are all this worried over a few lbs then just make a bunch more weights.

I miss the old days.

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