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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Lol i know alot of people who like doing that. Its almost a habit like biting your fingernails or something.

I also press on pimples that pop up. It hurts but kinda feels good.

And its funny how the only thing you responded to is a side comment about something I enjoy doing. Lmao

Nice deflector Retarded.
Biting your finger nails doesn't hurt, what are you talking about? Popping pimples hurts, but that has a purpose, to try and reduce the size of the pimple by getting rid of all the crap inside of it. What purpose does pressing on bruises have? It doesn't feel good and it certainly doesn't help reduce the size of the bruise. Stop talking rubbish.

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Sorry GR, but this isn't a "real fight". This is Mixed Martial Arts, a sport wth rules and limitations. Opinion and philosophy of sport is all relative. I know some people who play sports for legacy. I know some who play sports due to their competitve nature. I know people who play sports for fun. But we can all agree that in a sport, there is a winner and a loser. The winner is the one who meets the criteria of the rules and completes them effectiely, or more so than his/her opponent and that is exactly what GSP did (as you've acknowledged).

I also have to disagree with your scorecard. I personally have watched the fight now about four times and I would have scored it 50-46, with round three being very close. Yes, Condit landed an awesomehead kick followed up by some heavy ground and pound, but St. Pierre controlled the contest in that round outside of that sequence. I don't know how anyone could score any of the other rounds for Condit. He was outstruck, beat up, and taken down at will. He was competitive, but still outclassed.

Everyone knows me as someone who espouses the antithesis of the testosterone "true fighting" philosophy. I hate it. But, while I believe that this is a sport, it is also a combat sport. Damage should be the primary criteria, regardless of the position. I was livid after the Johnson/Torres fight because Johnson literally just layed in Torres' guard and did nothing while Torres completely wrecked him from the bottom. Yeah, Johnson had positional control and that should count for something but he did absolutely nothing with it while Torres was pounding away. This wasn't the case Saturday night with St. Pierre/Condit.
See my earlier post. At the end of the day it all boils down to opinion on how you value this sport and it's competitors. Whether you take the sportsman approach and appreciate that this is a sport with set rules and criteria to win contests (your view) or whether you appreciate the guys who go out there and fight for the finish every time they step into the ring, trying to completely break their opponents (me)

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I think my main gripe with "fighters" who look to grind out decision victories, content to control their opponents and score points rather than look for the kill is the fact there are set rounds. I always find myself asking; what if there were no round limits? Jon Fitch may very well be capable of beating Nick Diaz in a three/five round contest, but if there was no limit to the rounds, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nick Diaz would at some point finish Jon Fitch and make him wilt under the pressure.

To me, the essence of Martial Arts and fighting has always been about making your opponent buckle under your pressure and giving up in some form, whether it be by KO, submission or verbally giving up. I get that this is a sport with rules, but I will always respect the true "fighters" for their warrior spirit over the sportsmen looking to play the points game.
There is no right or wrong answer here, just a difference of opinions.

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