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Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
GSP doesn't "want" Silva to do anything. All he is saying is that if Silva wants to fight a WW so bad, then he can drop weight and become one. I also think the fight would offer the fairest performance from catchweight. But at the end of the day, GSP is the best WW in the world. If he wants to keep doing what he does, good for him. After all, no matter what he chooses, GSP haters are gonna find something wrong with it.
Of course he doesn't "want" him to do anything. He doesn't WANT the fight.

No Silva wants to fight the supposed #2 P4P fighter who is only 1 weight class away from him.

GSP said all along that if they fight happened it would be at a catchweight. Then all of a sudden he says or his camp says it should be at 170.

GSP knows ANderson would kill himself to get to 170. But he doesn't care if it is realistic. He doesn't care about the fans. He is just making stipulations that he knows would be hard for Anderson to meet.

"hater" is such a cheesy word. Because I disagree with GSP and his outlook on the sport of MMA then that means I am a "hater". Ok.

Nick Diaz should steal all this money away from GSP. He would be willing to fight at 185. And he doesn't have the wrestling to hide behind either. But then again GSP and Diaz are cut froma different cloth.
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