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I've been thinking about this all night. We've all waited for this and now it's here at our finger tips.

A fight at 178/180 is where it should be so no titles are on the line and it's a tester to see how GSP can hold himself against not only a MW, but the greatest fighter this planet has ever seen.

His trainer stating that it should be at 170 is definitely a weak move, albeit a tactical move. Anderson will lose power, strength, but if this was the early 2000 Anderson it would be pretty evenly matched. The best comparison would be the Carlos Newton fight (ex-UFC WW champ) and look how that ended up.

At this point Anderson can't do it without risking his health. Off season he's 220, training season he's at 202. Cutting 32lbs is gonna have detrimental effect on his conditioning. His skill sets will still be there, but if Anderson does oblige and wins...that will DESTROY GSP's legacy.

So yah meet in the middle. Put on the exhibition fight everyone in the world wants to see.

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