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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
What has Nicks BJJ exhibition got to do with any thing in this topic? Absolutely nothing.

You're going on as if they both broke the same rule. One fighter tested positive for smoking a recreational drug days or weeks before his scheduled fight which is widely considered a non-performance enhancing drug (Marijuana) and the other tested positive for having Gorilla levels of testosterone in his system (14:1). I think its quite obvious that throughout Overeems entire HW career, he's been roiding himself up silly, yet he gets a better suspension deal than a dude who likes to smoke weed in his own time. That's laughable.

And you're sat here trying to tell me with a straight bloody face that because Nick hasn't kissed Keith Kizers ass and Alistair Overeem has that Nick is the bad guy in all of this? Please, wake up and get real man. One fighter intentionally tried to cheat the system in order to give himself an unfair advantage against his opponents by boosting his testosterone to ridiculous levels, the other guy smoked a few joints in the weeks leading up to the fight. There is a big ******* difference right there. Obviously marijuana use is definitely a bigger threat to the credibility of the sport than testosterone use.......

But I get it, it's in the rules that Marijuana use is strictly prohibited by the athletic commission (forget the fact that Nick has a licensed card to use the stuff), so you gotta follow the rules Nicholas! Please, the rules and the athletic commission are a ******* joke and I applaud Nick Diaz for giving the finger to that crook Keith Kizer and trying to expose his ass.
You may not like the rules, but they are what they are, and Nick Diaz AGREED to them when he applied for the license. When he re-applied after his first suspension it was noted what another instance would cost him.

Get off the victim mentality here man, why don't you get real? If I got busted for something here at work and they gave me one more warning, I break the rule and get busted again, am I supposed to 'fight the corrupt system' and lead a crusade against my company?

NO! Everyone would call me an idiot, say I got what I deserved, and that I knew better. They would expect that because I am an adult who makes adult decisions that I accept the consequences of my actions. Nick Diaz is not above these rules.

No one here is arguing that Weed is more deadly, gives Nick an unfair advantage, etc. The statement being made is that you cannot compare a 1 time offender (yes we all agree he has been using forever, so has Diaz and he has only gotten caught twice) to a 2 time offender. Then add into it the way they have handled themselves in accordance with their punishments. No one is saying Diaz should kiss anyones ass, but maybe, just maybe, he should just shut his mouth, stop with the lawsuits while being 'retired', and instead serve his sentence and decide what he wants to do when it is over. He can keep talking trash, suing, and filing appeals all he wants, what he really needs to do is accept responsibility.
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