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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Such nonsense. BJ Penn will be remembered as a fighter who half assed his career. And Jon Jones has only ever fought at LHW, where he squares off against substantially smaller fighters with a fraction of his reach. Nice try, sport.

Calling the UFC WW champion a 'wuss' and a 'little girl' as you sit comfortably behind your computer screens. I sure wish I was as tough as some of you.
no kidding. Everyone jumping on GSP for not wanting to fight Anderson at MW when Anderson just annihilated a bigger, stronger and better wrestler are ignorant fools. Seriously, where do you people come from with this garbage? saying he's afraid and he's not a real fighter, he's too safe... blah blah blah. GSP just fought Condit and got his face mangled and people are calling him a wuss, I was unaware there were lil girls in cage fighting. The only way a fight with Anderson is even competitive is if it's at 170, that's why Zahabi said the only way it's fair is if it's at 170.

There are a million haters that just want to see GSP get destroyed, I on the other hand just want to watch good fights. GSP at 185 against Anderson is not a fight, it's an ass kicking.
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