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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I appreciate the civil response, but it isn't the fact that Nick got suspended that annoys me too much. I can accept the fact that he got caught, and yes, it is in the rules and he knew what he was letting himself in for and he serves his ban. It's just the Alistair Overeem comparison that really grinds me gears. Sure, it's his first time offense, but his offense is so much worse than Nicks and he gets a lighter suspension because he's playing buddy with Kizer and the rest of the gang at the commission. That really just pisses me off.

If I had it my way and I was in charge of the commission, I'd have Alistair banned from MMA, along with any other fighters looking to give themselves an unfair advantage by abusing performance enhancing drugs, I'd have them all permanently banned and seriously revise the rules as to what constitutes as performance enhancing (testostorone) and what doesn't (cannabis).

But hey, I'm just some jerk job behind a keyboard venting.
I think you are focusing too much on Overeem trying anything to get off his suspension early. Kizer has not played special treatment with Overeem. In fact I think Leben got a lighter sentence for his positive test than Overeem did. Overeem has just tried everything he could do to get his suspension lifted early and Kizer has just gone, 'Well thats nice'. Kizer has shown no favoritism at all really. Kizer was asked if Overeem has taken the correct steps to get licensed by X date, a date after his suspension is up, and he said yes. Overeem still has to pass more tests and still has to go in front of the board, get his lecture, and then be approved.

Also, again, there is no comparison between Nick Diaz and Overeem. If we were arguing Nicks first offense vs Overeem, then sure, but we aren't. A repeat offender vs a first time offender ( ) is not apples to apples.

As for banning fighters, I want to agree with you, I really do, but there are so many who wouldn't be fighting today because of a past mistake. Most fighters don't take steroids for the Overeem effect, most take it so that they can do all they have to do in a single day. Leben is a great example. He was running a gym that he had just opened, had to perform training, and train himself. His body couldn't recover fast enough so he used steroids to help his recovery time. Because of that he now wouldn't ever be able to fight again, kind of rough. For every Overeem abuse case there are probably 5 Leben type cases. I'm not saying it is justified, just that the outright ban is fairly harsh.

EDIT: Also as a side note, I do not like Kizer or the Nevada Athletic commission, I think they need some people with at least half a mind in charge over there. Still, when people get licensed with them, they know the rules.
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