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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
no kidding. Everyone jumping on GSP for not wanting to fight Anderson at MW when Anderson just annihilated a bigger, stronger and better wrestler are ignorant fools. Seriously, where do you people come from with this garbage? saying he's afraid and he's not a real fighter, he's too safe... blah blah blah. GSP just fought Condit and got his face mangled and people are calling him a wuss, I was unaware there were lil girls in cage fighting. The only way a fight with Anderson is even competitive is if it's at 170, that's why Zahabi said the only way it's fair is if it's at 170.
The problem is not that he's afraid of Anderson, or doesn't want to fight Anderson. The problem is that he has yet to come out and admit that he has no interest in fighting Anderson. Every time this superfight comes close to fruition, GSP, or GSP's camp always comes out with some reason why the fight should be delayed beyond reason, or can't happen.

Here's are just some that aren't hard to find...

GSP can't fight Anderson at 185 lbs at the moment, because if that where to happen, he has to put on muscle...

2:58 - 5:04

GSP can't fight Anderson at 170 lbs, because he wants the fight to happen at catchweight...

Firas Zahabi wants this fight to be at 170 lbs or else it wouldn't be fair...

If GSP truly had the desire to have this fight happen, there wouldn't be so many roadblocks. If he would just agree to have the fight happen, and all the weight negotiations would take care of themselves. Even in the primetime, he basically admits that he's terrified of losing.

Just speaking for myself, if GSP comes out and say's he is not interested in fighting Silva, I will still respect him as one of the top fighters in the world. Why GSP hasn't come out and said it yet, I don't know. Maybe he's afraid of losing fans. Maybe he's afraid that he may lose some sponsorship. Maybe he doesn't want Silva to be upset and call him a *****. Silva may really want this fight to happen, but if someone isn't interested in fighting him, he won't try to bully him into making the fight. And hopefully that would kill all talks of a superfight.
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