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Hello all,

I received a 'infraction' from HexRei. He accused me of racism. I was subsequently banned. Bare in mind I was only able to find this out today as my account was banned before I could even read any private message.

I would like Hex to indicate to me where exactly I crossed a line? Because last time I checked I did not use racial slurs. I did not insult anybody of any race. Don't you guys believe that HexRei overreacted?

I am sorry for any offense, I truly did not mean it. I'm just a proud German man who loves MMA and I respect all cultures, I was just voicing my unfortunate experience. So I guess I will just stop there and not talk about other cultures because i'm scared I am going to get banned and I don't want to be banned.

I'm not racist, I just have strong opinions, that is all.

Thanks to those who responded to my last message. I appreciate that there are some people on here who respect my opinion.
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