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Originally Posted by Proud German View Post
Hello all,

I received a 'infraction' from HexRei. He accused me of racism. I was subsequently banned. Bare in mind I was only able to find this out today as my account was banned before I could even read any private message.

I would like Hex to indicate to me where exactly I crossed a line? Because last time I checked I did not use racial slurs. I did not insult anybody of any race. Don't you guys believe that HexRei overreacted?

I am sorry for any offense, I truly did not mean it. I'm just a proud German man who loves MMA and I respect all cultures, I was just voicing my unfortunate experience. So I guess I will just stop there and not talk about other cultures because i'm scared I am going to get banned and I don't want to be banned.

I'm not racist, I just have strong opinions, that is all.

Thanks to those who responded to my last message. I appreciate that there are some people on here who respect my opinion.
No, he did not overreact. He did the right thing. How is this quote right here not racist? What do you mean when you say "even"? Makes it sound like you think less of those people.
Even Mexican and African people like to look after pets. This does not prove that they can adapt to being nice, cultured people in the company of a educated nordic.
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