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I don't want to ride this writer's jock too much, but Jack Slack has made some good predictions and seems to know what he's talking about. On the Maldonado fight, and how Texeira matches up with page:

Teixeira's Predictability

Glover Teixeira's performance was hardly faultless however - despite being touted by some as the future of the light heavyweight division Glover has shown little to no improvement between fights. He opens every single fight the same way - walking his opponent down until they throw a punch then firing his right hand over the top just as he did to Maldonado. He did the exact same thing against Marvin Eastman, Kyle Kingsbury and every other fighter he's met. Furthermore the longer Glover's fights go, the more one realizes that he has few other tricks to offer.

Glover will throw the occasional high kick but time and time again he comes back to leading with the overhand right. Glover Teixeira doesn't just have no jab, he actively avoids leading with his left hand.

Every single time Glover Teixeira attacks his opponent it is with the overhand right or occasionally a right hook to the body or a right uppercut. One of the reasons that his opponents can hang around so long even when hurt is that they know what is coming. As a fight progresses one can see Glover rapidly running out of ideas - such as when he began shooting single legs at Maldonado in hopes of finishing before Glover himself gassed. By the end of the second round Glover was chasing down the punch drunk Maldonado and throwing right hook - left hook over and over, occasionally landing. Were Glover to even occasionally jab, or lead with his left, or throw a kick or punch to a different target he would have been able to finish Maldonado decisively, but as it was yet another opponent was allowed to stick around far too long against Teixeira.

With the idea of a match with Quinton Jackson back on the table, Glover's insistence on leading with his right hand and his inability to mix up his striking may well make him the perfect opponent for Rampage to triumphantly knock out before retiring from MMA.
I don't see Jackson falling victim to his boxing, which is mostly what Glover does. Quinton hasn't been bested by anybody who strictly boxed with him. If Glover mixed in all his skills I could see him taking it, if you take his fights as an indication of how this one will go, I see him getting KO'd
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