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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
-because GSP wants the fight only at 170
-because Anderson can't be going up and down defending belts
-because GSP can't keep the belt if he loses
-because it's the only way the fight will ever happen

use your brain and stop being a dick, seriously, your need to be right is making you arrogant and annoying
Im not being a dick. I just think it makes no sense to come down to 170 vs te 170 lb champ and it not be for the title. If you are going to make him come all the way to your weight. It better be for your title.

If its not on the line then why would gsp vacate it?

It isnt the need to be right. Its the need for logic. And you have none.

Have the fight at 171 if you dont want to defend the belt. Gsp would be first in mma to have a guy vome to his weight and not have the belt on the line.

Andersons whole idea of not fighting at 185 or 170 is that no ones belt would be ip for grabs. That is his whole reasoning.

Use logic. If gsp wants anderson to bother changing his body and coming down to 170 his belt better be on the line. If he wants him to come down to true ww then obviously he is putting his belt up.

I doubt dana would do the fight at 170 and let gsp hold on to his belt. Oh wait a min. If he loses a non-title fight he drops it for some reason. If he wins a non-title fight he keeps it. Yea that isnt happening you may be the only one here that thinks it would.
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