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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
What has Nicks BJJ exhibition got to do with any thing in this topic? Absolutely nothing.
But it very much does. When an athlete is suspended from competition by an athletic commission, they are not supposed to compete in ANY form of combat sport. Be it boxing, MMA, or BJJ. While the match was not sanctioned, it was still a big FU to the commission.
You're going on as if they both broke the same rule. One fighter tested positive for smoking a recreational drug days or weeks before his scheduled fight which is widely considered a non-performance enhancing drug (Marijuana) and the other tested positive for having Gorilla levels of testosterone in his system (14:1). I think its quite obvious that throughout Overeems entire HW career, he's been roiding himself up silly, yet he gets a better suspension deal than a dude who likes to smoke weed in his own time. That's laughable.
Well, you see... They did break the exact same rule! They were both caught with a banned substance in their body. I agree, weed is far less sever than roids, but its the same rule.

Its not the first time he got busted, and not really even the second. He was scheduled to fight on a card before, they asked for a pre-fight sample, he pulled out of the fight instead of taking the test.

And now he gets busted again. And he clearly has NO RESPECT FOR THE RULES!

And you're sat here trying to tell me with a straight bloody face that because Nick hasn't kissed Keith Kizers ass and Alistair Overeem has that Nick is the bad guy in all of this? Please, wake up and get real man. One fighter intentionally tried to cheat the system in order to give himself an unfair advantage against his opponents by boosting his testosterone to ridiculous levels, the other guy smoked a few joints in the weeks leading up to the fight. There is a big ******* difference right there. Obviously marijuana use is definitely a bigger threat to the credibility of the sport than testosterone use.......
YES NICK IS THE BAD GUY IN THIS! Nobody forced him to smoke up! Sure, OverRoid is a bad guy too... But that doesnt mean Nick isnt!
But I get it, it's in the rules that Marijuana use is strictly prohibited by the athletic commission (forget the fact that Nick has a licensed card to use the stuff), so you gotta follow the rules Nicholas! Please, the rules and the athletic commission are a ******* joke and I applaud Nick Diaz for giving the finger to that crook Keith Kizer and trying to expose his ass.[/QUOTE]

His card to use the stuff means absolutely nothing! NOT A THING! I can walk into a pharmacy and buy 20 drugs over the counter that are not allowed in the system when fighting. Just because he can legally smoke it (which, really, he cant... The feds still say that it is against the law) does not mean that it is legal in competition (which it SHOULD NEVER BE).

Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
It could be that Overeem was already a title contender when got busted, while Nick Diaz wasn't. I know it's probably more complicated than that, but I'm just throwing a couple cents out there just as an idea.
Nick Diaz was in line to fight GSP, so that has nothing to do with it.

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
It isn't like Nick is going to get some lifetime ban. If he did Dana wouldn't honor that bullshit and would just take him to a different state.

Nick's suspension will be up in February. He is currently training and will be ready to fight. The UFC will make a matchup right after his suspension is up. And many people will be interested and he will make good money.
I HIGHLY doubt that the UFC would give up promoting shows in California just for the sake of having Nick Diaz on a card. There is NO WAY they would take a guy with a lifetime ban in any commission in the US and have him fight in another state! NO WAY!

Here are my 2 cents!

Marijuana should be legal in all states in the US for medical and recreational use. It should be taxed and regulated just like alcohol and tobaco. HOWEVER, it should NEVER be allowed in any athletic competition.

It is not really a performance enhancing drug (although for some it can help) as much as it is a performance ALTERING drug. Anything that alters performance should NEVER be allowed.

Breaking the rules once is not such a bad thing with weed. Doing it 2 (and kind of 3 times) and then putting up a stink about it, saying the commission is at fault for not allowing him to break the rules. Well that is just ridiculous. He should be suspended for at least a year, maybe more!

The guy has a horrible track record out side of just the weed usage. He was in a post loss fight in a hospital and in a post fight brawl in the ring. He should be shown no special considerations as he has never earned them.

OverRoid broke the same rule, but he did it in a different way. He got busted using roids, which is horrible for the sport. He should have been suspended, and he was. He was initially given a year, with a chance for special considerations. I am sure one of the considerations was a reduced suspension if he was willing to take drug tests and passes them (something Nick Diaz would never do, because weed is more important to him that fighting.... hey, we all have priorities).

Now, do I think he deserves the considerations? NO, not at all. He did something similar to diaz in that he avoided a previous drug test. He should get the full year, but I understand why he is not!

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