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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
It's been an interesting day.

I'm trying to shake something myself right now. Doctors are completely useless been to my doc twice with severe headaches and confusion and some loss of fine motor function my memory is gone too I can't concentrate but it's all pretty unpredictable. Doctor was zero help iron deficiency and I need b12 that was a month ago. Two weeks ago it all got too bad and I went to the ER did a full work up mri ct L.P. nothing you're dehydrated. Well everything is still here. And my ****wit of a doctor won't give me a referral to a specialist. I have a competition in December not to mention finals. Don't have time for this shit.

Sorry I'm kind of ranting it's been a **** day.

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K...I'm going to rattle off some sheit that may or may not even be true.

Symptoms of a possible concussion from past sparring. Bacterial infection from the mats. There was a kid we were grappling with and someone spotted out ring worm on his leg...needless to say we all freaked out. The instructors' yelled out...everybody shower NOW. I didn't want to use the gym showers so I went straight home and washed myself with Head And Shoulders x3 since it has pyrithione zinc which kills dandruff/bacteria/anti-fungal.

Dieting. Hotdogs, preserved meats contains nitrates which causes headaches. Lack of water.

Non malignant tumour from prolonged use of cell phone.

Viral infection; flu, influenza, cold, etc.

Be well my friend.

PS: Today was a weird day. Just really off. Must be the weather or stars not quite aligned.

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