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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
K...I'm going to rattle off some sheit that may or may not even be true.
Symptoms of a possible concussion from past sparring.
This was my first thought as well, but I haven't done any real sparring lately and everyone has checked me out for post-concussion symptoms.

Bacterial infection from the mats. There was a kid we were grappling with and someone spotted out ring worm on his leg...needless to say we all freaked out. The instructors' yelled out...everybody shower NOW. I didn't want to use the gym showers so I went straight home and washed myself with Head And Shoulders x3 since it has pyrithione zinc which kills dandruff/bacteria/anti-fungal.
I've been on this as well, spent a good ten looking. This is what I'm thinking is most likley I just don't see anything.

Dieting. Hotdogs, preserved meats contains nitrates which causes headaches. Lack of water.
My diet scares people, but not in the how do you eat that and function kind of way. I'm super strict on my diet and I hardly ever eat anything out of a box.

Non malignant tumour from prolonged use of cell phone.
Nothing came up on any of my scans or tests.

Viral infection; flu, influenza, cold, etc.
No signs of infections, nothing out of the ordinary.

PS: Today was a weird day. Just really off. Must be the weather or stars not quite aligned.
I appreciate it man I've been racking my brain(no pun intended) trying to figure something out. I'm wondering if it's something with my blood pressure, I've had pretty low blood pressure but a lot of symptoms are worse when changing positions, but it wouldn't explain a whole lot. I'm staying super hydrated but still no improvement.

On a side note, anyone know a good gi for women? I was looking for a decent one for a friend and ended up ordering myself a new one, yet still don't have one for her.

My new gi, doesn't ship until mid-December

Also ordered this shirt as soon as I seen it. Yes that is a Panda son.

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