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Originally Posted by BWoods View Post
Ya'know this tool lives in my state too...

Only things I'd be worried about would be his bites and eye gouges, his "martial art" doesn't really cover anything else that would be presented to him in a real fight like he so desperately wants to get into.
indeed, but I'm pretty sure he'd have enough to bother "regular" non fighting people. I think this guy is a serious concern for public safety, he should be in an institute with professionals taking care of him, at least for a little while.

As an ex-wing chun practitioner, I'm happy that MMA came up. These folks have the kind of talk that makes you believe that wing chun is the martial arts equivalent of a bazooka.

and there's also the flow of demo videos with usually replacing the dummy by an "alive" looking person (not much more tho) that are supposed to prove some kind of point I guess.

I'm not saying WC is total cr4p, it's martial arts so I take it if you have a good teacher, you can learn a thing or two, have a good time and become a better human being. But it's the whole WC attitude that really hurts that martial arts. JKD is often close to WC in that way.
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