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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
What happens if Silva stops the take downs? What if Silva starts the fight with his hands down or comes out swing from the start? Everything on paper says this fight should be competitive and a slight edge to GSP based on Silva's pass. However if this fight happens I do believe Silva will murder GSP. Remember it's Anderson Silva who is asking for this fight, he is already the goat of MMA. Now you combine with what he can do in there and the fact that he has called out GSP...means he knows he can win this fight.
If Silva stops the takedown, GSP will just shoot for another takedwon. Silva won't be able to drop his hands against a guy like GSP. GSP is far too accurate of a striker and won't hesitate. Sonnen was the only guy to not hesitate when Silva dropped his hands and Sonnen rocked him. Imagine what a pinpoint striker like GSP would do. If Silva comes out swinging from the start GSP will take him down (just like he tried to do against Sonnen).

He called him out, sure. That doesn't change anything in my mind. GSP has the same odds as he did before Silva called him out as he does now. It may show confidence on Silva's part. That doesn't change my perspective on how the fight will go down.

He is 16-0, you take away the first chael fight he has looked virtually unbeatable. 11 victories via ko/tko all 11 he has made it look easy. When GSP gets hit he panics, anderson silva is one of the best strikers off his back, never mind his bjj, GSP will be in danger for 25 mins with the best in the business. He is not going to hold silva down, because eventually silva will fight back unlike any of his opponents who GSP breaks mentally during the fight.
Silva has shown struggles in certain situations against certain types of fighters (Lutter, Hendo, and Chael). He has definitely NOT looked unbeatable. His BJJ off his back is nothing worse than what Condit posed. He's not the crazy BJJ wizard off of his back you're making him out to be. It took him 23 minutes to sub Chael, and he didn't even come close to it the second time.

GSP will be able to hold Silva down and advance position unlike any wrestler Silva has faced yet. I think Silva will be the one who mentally breaks when he realizes GSP is tailor made to beat him, unlike 90% of his past opponents who are tailor made to get highlight real KO'd.

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