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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
I think Marijuana is still not legalized everywhere in the world because the tobacco industry doesn't want it to be. It has less adverse effects than tobacco and no performance enhancing effects.

Therefore I have nothing against athletes who use pot, just don't get high an hour before the competition starts.

edit: ^It seems I kinda stole the beginnings of my sentences from you.
It's funny, I just created a thread on a car forum I am on yesterday based on this article:

He states that big tobacco wants it legalized because they can so easily introduce the product into their factories. They even have trademarked 'weedy' names and come up with 1/2 tobacco 1/2 weed cigs that they could instantly market as 'weed lite'.

Anyways, in reference to this article, I do partially agree with Matt Riddle, just as I did with Nick Diaz. It is kind of stupid that you can be prescribed much, much worse drugs and it be fine. But at the same time, if you are on Xanex, or Adderall, you are expected to be clean of it by the time you test for a fight. If you get tested between fights it doesn't affect you. I kind of feel that weed should be this way to, but current testing methods detect weed for much longer than those other drugs.

Unless they can get them to change the rules and adapt better testing methods, the rules are the rules. Riddle needs to abide by them while he is fighting or planning to fight. If not, find a new job. It is the same for me and all other adults in the US. Guess what, even though it is legal to smoke weed in CO now most jobs out there still require you to be clean of it and in your contract it says they can randomly test your ass.

So the long and short of it is, you aren't special, these rules apply to almost everyone living within the US, grow the **** up and find a way to deal with it, beat the system, or change the system. It isn't easy, but those are your choices.

Man what a rant.....can anyone tell I have ADHD to?
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