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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Agree with this. Also big Pharma companies don't want it legal either. They want to protect the millions and millions they make off pushing dangerous pain killers on people. It is all about who has the money and who lobbies the hardest for what they want.

Instead we keep it on the black market where teenagers and all people get to deal with drug dealers who not only sell weed, but cocaine, heroin, meth...It is odd that they have a "war on drugs", yet by not regulating it they are basically saying "here gangs and drug dealer, you keep making money off this product and we will pretend we are so against the violence that comes with you guys selling it".

Makes no sense. But as long as U.S. federal law has it as illegal, then UFC or any sport will follow suit. They sort of have too.
There is stuff like opiates and whatnot that can be dangerous when used incorrectly (most people don't know how to use meds, but who can blame them, nobody tells them the "do"s and "don't"s, most of the black market stuff is actually medicine... people just abuse it). BUT the pharma industry also makes money on cannabis by SELLING drugs that contain THC. And it's good money because people widely believe that everything that doesn't come from plants is pure evil (by the way, morphine comes from a plant and it's one of the most dangerous painkillers) so a new drug that's based on pot? Oh yes, give me that stuff. Then they realize it's actually not that effective, they're not getting high and the pain is still there so they come back and buy even more.

Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
It's funny, I just created a thread on a car forum I am on yesterday based on this article:

He states that big tobacco wants it legalized because they can so easily introduce the product into their factories. They even have trademarked 'weedy' names and come up with 1/2 tobacco 1/2 weed cigs that they could instantly market as 'weed lite'.
Who's gonna buy that when a plant is only a few bucks and it's enough for a whole family to get high?

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