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The way I view this matchup is similar to how I viewed the Sonnen fight. But Sonnen and GSP have different advantages.

GSP is not going to finish Silva, same way Sonnen was never going to finish him. So he needs 5 rounds of wrestling and top control.

Now obviously GSP has much more BJJ than Sonnen, so a late triangle is probably out of the question. But Sonnen has a better chin. He was able to walk in chin down and get TDs. I don't think GSP can or will even attempt that.

Also, we saw Anderson's great tie up ability. I think he will be able to tie up GSP from bottom pretty well and get it standing. GSP has 5 rounds to not get KO'd.

I don't know what peoples opinion are. But GSP used to be the best MMA wrestler. Then Chael did well and everyone said he was. Now people are back to GSP. Either way they are both some of the best wrestlers in MMA. But Chael was a 205er. Chael's TDs were relentless.

What happens if the 2nd round of the last Sonnen fight happens? Anderson stuffed Chael, so why can't he stuff GSP? People like to cheer and gloat about the first round. But Anderson GAVE him that TD. Anderson just got wrestled in the fight before...we really think Anderson was going to come out with a Wandy Silva looping punch while Chael drops levels? He gave him that TD in the first round.

GSP will bring more sub D. But less of a chin and less walking forward. Which was key in any of Chael's success vs. Silva.
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