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Any one who believed Chael was ever the better MMA wrestler was out of their god damn minds. We're talking about a guy here who got tossed onto his head easily by Damian Maia. A guy who was barely able to out wrestle Michael Bisping (and yes, Mike has strong TDD and defensive wrestling, but he isn't outstanding in the area).

GSP's timing for the take down is god like. @Soakked, I agree with all of the points in your earlier post except from the timing conclusion. Silvas striking timing and GSP'S take down timing are equally impressive. The only reason as to why Silvas timing seems to be more impressive is because his strikes finish fights in an instant, where as GSP is just taking you down, but that doesn't make the actual timing any less impressive. The take down he scored on Condit in round 2 when he threw the leg kick was unreal.

There is no way that Sonnen would out wrestle the likes of Koscheck and Fitch the way GSP did, he wouldn't even come close. How ever I agree that because GSP's take downs are all about the timing of his opponents strikes and moves, rather than Chaels bull rushing approach, he's going to find it very difficult to time Silvas strikes and movement.

This is such an interesting stylistic match up and I really do think it does come down to one thing - timing. GSP's godlike timing in his take downs versus Andersons wizard like timing with his strikes. If Anderson connects, it's over, but if GSP scores the take down in a round, I don't see Andy getting back up to his feet until the next round.

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