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I have a distribution company and recently tried to put a new product into the hands of doctors and chiropractors all over my country. The products were a one time purchase only that offer a new patented way to reduce inflammation in different places on the body and also great for reducing the effects of arthritis.

So anyway I was commissioning a study in my country but we could not get enough chiros and doctors to agree because they said that big pharma pay them X amount of money per year as a "sponsorship". Eg. they will put a poster up in the office and pay them 50K to have that poster there. But this is on the condition that they offer the pharma's products only. The doctors said they could not participate in any study with a new product or recommend a new product or this sponsorship would be withdrawn.
We were talking about a product here that seriously reduces the need for anti inflammatories, and painkillers which Im sure is a massive chunk of money for those companies. Can you imagine all the products and cures out there in the world that these guys are preventing from hitting our shelves to they can keep their bottom line?
Legal marijuana would cost the pharma industry massive amounts of money unless they can lock down the distribution.
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