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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
I disagree but would like to hear exactly why you think this, elaborate please, and if thats the case, how would you suggest GSP go about his gameplan? Just curious.
Its never the best idea to just let fighters advanace position. But fighters all the time open up doors for sub attempts, just so they have room to get up or counter. GSP even said that is what Condit was doing, almost baiting him into trying to sub him.

I just think it may be a go to plan if it comes down to it. Better to lose that way then have a guy sit in guard and get "top points" and win a decision.

But this is all being said from my point of view. And I don't see GSP as a threat to finish Anderson at all. No matter how long he is on top or what positions he moves too. Side, full mount, north south. Some people may think he has a better shot at finishing than I do.

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