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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I didn't say he wasn't an elite wrestler - he is - I said that there is no way he is the very best wrestler in the game.

Not just that take down alone, but I also referenced the Michael Bisping fight, where for the majority of the fight Bisping was actually pressing Chael up against the fence and controlling him there. You think GSP would allow that? GSP would take a guy like Michael Bisping down at will and hold him there.

Not only that, but the statistics also don't work in Chaels favour. Sonnen has a 59 percent take down success rate and a 71 percent defense rate. In comparison to GSP who completes 78 percent of his take downs and has an 88 percent take down defense percentage. Quite a significant difference there. Official UFC statistics:

The best MMA wrestlers in the game are GSP and Jon Jones. Whilst Chael Sonnen is certainly an elite wrestler, he's not even close to being the very best, there's a big difference. He's probably top five though.
Bit of a contrdiction there. I do agree with what you're saying though. Considering you provided a citation of your facts kind of makes it difficult to disagree.

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