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I know what he means, without it I'm a lazy useless depressed sonofabitch because of genetic disposition to mental illness. On weed I'm productive, healthy and happy. Sure there are people that will abuse and become lethargic lazy assholes but that's not my fault, to me it's a medicine that makes me way more healthy and nothing's going to stop me from taking it because when I went to the doctor he prescribed me 3 different medications all with known serious side effects, I'll take marijuana instead, it works better anyways.

At this point I believe the debate's are over and it's come to the government just flat out not ever being able to stop people. If enough people do it openly the government will be forced to give in, here in Canada there are new laws that seem like they are anti-pot but they are in reality anti-dealer and you can basically grow 5 plants (way more than one person would ever need) and not go to jail for it.

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