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Originally Posted by swpthleg
we're just there til the oil runs out my friends

keep in mind that george bush sr. never implemented a train wreck like what's happening now, because there was no good exit strategy. nothing's changed. so what is the solution, remain there indefinitely, or "cut our losses" and remove our military presence?

everybody should read rolling stone for intelligent war coverage.

looking at the top of my screen at the "jenna + tito, oh really?" picture, tito seriously has a huge noggin, he's like the little brother in "so I married an axe murderer" that the dad calls "head" and says "it has its own weather system" and then the other dude says "quit calling him that, you'll give him a complex" and the dad says "he'll be cryin his eyes out tonight, on his enormous pillow" lmao

sorry for digressing
is rolling stone that good anymore? i know back when Hunter S. Thompson wrote for them it was a cutting edge publication...

whiskey, racism, money, grease, twinkie's, guns.....yep lol thats about it
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