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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
There is quite a big gap from the creme de la creme (gsp, jon jones) and the rest of the wrestlers, even the guys in the top five. Chael Sonnen is top five, but I feel that the likes of GSP and Jon Jones are on a a completely different level.

For example look at Anderson Silva and the rest of the top five MW's. Those guys might be top five, but Anderson is still way, way ahead of them in terms of skill.
I agree he probably isn't the best. Which makes the Jon Jones/Sonnen fight that much more pathetic when Sonnen holds no advantage and is coming off a loss.

I was going to bring up Chael dropping Anderson. And how the best striker would never get dropped by the likes of Sonnen. But the numbers don't lie much and Sonnen vs. Bisping showed that his TDs could definatly be defended.

But more importantly than who the best is. How would you compare GSP's wrestling vs. Anderson. To Sonnen's wrestling vs Anderson. Sonnen is the stronger of the 2 wrestlers. He is more relentless. Like you said GSP uses timing and quickness. I think Sonnen's frame and wrestling will prove harder for Silva to handle than GSP's style of wrestling.

Fear of the strike is also something that goes into this. Many fighters have less wrestling when they fear the strike. And many strikers have less effective striking when they fear the TD. I don't think Anderson fears being on his back. I feel GSP fears being caught on the feet though.
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