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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Sounds like an advertisement! Didn't know you could watch TV while playing a game. Any other console I just don't think it would work but on the WiiU, that sounds cool as shit!
It's really neat. You can literally watch TV, control the TV (change the channel, the input settings, the volume, etc), all with the gamepad while playing a game on the gamepad screen, and by that I mean the full retail Black Ops 2 game, all on the gamepad screen at full 60fps with little to no graphical quality loss. The games are great as well, NSMBU is fantastic, I spent a few hours playing Nintendoland with my nephew and a friend, it was a blast. The system is fantastic if you have any kids or regularly have friends over to play games with, or even solo (blops2 is fun on Wii U, the control you have in it is great).

The system is worth every dollar I spent on it. The only issue that pretty much everyone is having is every once in a while the system will freeze up, but Nintendo has already said they are patching it within a week or two, it's an OS issue not a hardware one, and it doesn't happen that often so it's not a big deal (but will be nice to have fixed soon).

Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
M.C. - that is a completely different response than what I have been getting from customers about the WiiU. I'm being told pretty consistently that the system and games are crap.
I personally know 6 people who all got it and all 6 love it, plus online friends who all enjoy it as well. Except for trolls on the internet the forums I visit pretty much consistently approve of the system. Of course, people who have issues with it will be far more vocal than those who don't, especially in the gaming community, that's how it always is. There are some legitimate launch problems such as the freezing issue I mentioned above, which will be fixed soon and are expected for a launch of a new system. In terms of games, that's all personal preference. If you like Nintendo games then obviously you will like the games on the Wii U, many people love Nintendo games.

It won't be for everyone, though, that's for sure.

I plan to play The Walking Dead today, hope it's good.
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