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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
This was a really lame post man.....The best wrestler in MMA would not get rag dolled to the floor by Damian Maia. Can you picture GSP being thrown to the ground by Damian Maia like that?

Either back your post up with a valid point, or don't post any thing at all.
It's Mister Demian Maia for you, and you chose the worst example of all for this was one of the best moments in UFC history. A masterpiece move precisely executed by a highly condecorated grappler that only you seems to devalue. It was so much of an art display Joe Rogan was just euphoric asking to see the replay of the trip over the submission itself. However for you, all this happened because Sonnen is not a top wrestler. Lame was you example.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
And I also don't care which lame app you used to send your post.
I don't care either. It gets crazy and goes off by itself depending what I am using to post. I know it sucks...
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