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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
One thing I noticed about your takedown defense... when you are defending shots you tend to step straight back and your stance narrows. You were also being caught pretty easily with ankle pics and single legs. What I would suggest is a simple technique GSP uses that works particularly well for people who come from kick heavy martial arts backgrounds.

One - is that just like striking you never move straight forward or straight back. Always move in angles. It's harder for them to get a bead on you and it's much harder to complete the takedown if they have to shift direction.

Two - when you step away switch stance. This changes the angle and availability for the single leg attempt. A lot of wrestlers will turn a double into a single leg if you leave it out there and this would address the straight dives for single legs and picks.

Basically it's a simple two step motion that makes it much harder for them to get the takedown that leaves you with a strong base and chambered to deliver strikes.
Thumbs up to this but I have found that as far as an ankle pick goes, it is best to step straight back and give it one solid go to stepping out of it. I'd also mash his head down like I was trying to do a pushup on it
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