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There are alot of aspects to being in shape and alot of it depends on what you are trying to do. As far as being in shape in general goes, check this out:

1. Your bench press is above average. I'd say the average person can't bench their bodyweight but that usually means people that don't work out regularly so who knows.

2. Your run is good. Alot of people can't even run a quarter mile without damn near having a heart attack.

3. The other weights (just like bench but it's the only one I know stats for) is moreso "weight room strength."

Are you in shape for the average guy? Yeah, I'd say above average. Are you in shape for a fighter? Probably about the level of any amateur or newly pro fighter who trains full time but not at the level of an elite fighter.

Just being honest. I can't do 85 pushups in a minute though. I can do probably more in the 40-50 range but I'm also a heavyweight haha. Keep up the good work!
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