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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
So Sonnen is a top wrestler for you, but not the best, because only the best woudn't be tossed by Demian or struggle against Bisping, right? Only the best, not Sonnen because he is top, but not the best... See? I am working on my reading comprehension and your text is quite a material for that matter.

You called me a prick and now you called me a moron. It's 2-0 on the score card, my friend.

PS: The Mister Maia thing came from an interview of Sonnen. Sonnen himself said exactly that to the reporter when he mentioned Demian's name.
Yes, that's exactly my point, which I quite clearly explained easily enough in my other posts. You were just trying to be a smart ass and pick out an argument for no reason.

Ask yourself, would Michael Bisping be able to hold Jon Jones up against the fence for a good portion of three rounds? Would GSP allow it? Would either of those men (the very best) allow Damian Maia to lateral drop them onto their ass with relative ease? No, that wouldn't ever happen. Why? Because they are the very best, and Sonnen isn't. Which the statistics also support (which you also casually chose to ignore).

Stop acting like a condescending prick and I'll stop calling you one.

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