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Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
I honestly haven't came across many bugs at all. well at lease none that effect gameplay. as for the controls, they have never been the most accessible.
I wrote that post when I was playing as Haythem Kenway. During those missions I came across two bugs and I was venting off some steam. One was when I was in a fort trying to disable canons and still a map. I tried to climb into a hay cart to hide from the British and for whatever reason I flew up in the air like Superman and fell right back down to Earth instantly killing me. Another bug was chasing Edward Braddock on horseback. I was trying to go for full synchronization by shooting the barrels. I missed 1 and tried decided to replay it. Then all of a sudden my horses speed was that of a child walking leisurely through a flower garden. That was annoying as hell especially when going for full sync.

Also, I got used to the controls now. However, I will say that this game has one of the worst lock picking systems I ever seen in a video game.

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