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Originally Posted by MMAStar96 View Post
In MMA what would be the more suitable takedown cause my training partner only uses the drop step on both double and single but personally I dont like it. I think its too easy to see, counter and get finished from a knee. I know its illegal to knee when they have a knee down but its just easily telegraphed and slower compared to combination and just dropping level straight in what are you opinions?
There's a million approaches to this. Ima take it you're a new practitioner and just started watching. I could tell you that I'm going to shoot in and you won't be able to do anything. I'll land a 1 and 2 then drop. Easy right. I can also swing for the fences ala Fedor style then shoot. Or I can clinch you and Judo throw you.

Then there's the Georges technique where he leap frogs into you. You can not stop it. After watching his resistance training he's got major quad,gluts, and calf power just like a frog. He powers into a takedown with so much momentum that you're already flying halfway through the Octagon.

Knees are not as easy as you think. You're coming from a stationary position where you already know your partner is trying to shoot.

After watching hundreds of successful takedowns I can only think of a few instances where elite fighters were able to land the knee or a strike successfully to stifle the takedown.

Anderson vs Carlos Newton
GSP vs Matt Hughes II (looked like Hughes was looking to grab GSP's leg, but ran into a kick. Similar.)
*Anderson tried a flying knee against Lutter and got taken down.
JDS vs Werdum (Werdum has the tendency to look down because he's always looking to grapple. JDS capitalized on this and gave em a Shoryuken uppercut. To me an uppercut and knee is similar as you're going from down to up.)
There's a few others, can't remember atm.

Point is I could probably name a hundred more instances where the takedowns were successful.

PS: There's the ankle pick too.

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