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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Man, we all(me included, just to make it clear) need to review our attitudes from time to time. You are hyper touchy for some reason. You should get your sh!t together asap.
You are the one blabbering and being aggressive all the time. Where did you get the idea I disagree about most things you said, man?
I stated my disagreement about the Demian trip example and you made all this circus by yourself just like in the other thread. One line and you go bersek.

I could not precisely rank Sonnen as a MMA wrestler. I know he is very, very good and for some ppl one of the best or the very one. Opinions may vary, but look what you say about ppl who think different:

That wasn't for me. That was for any one. You are always forcing your opinion, what is just an opinion, but you make it like is fail proof.

Don't be dramatic, that rag dolling thing never existed. There was top technical beautiful trip and a great sub by a great master. Damian rag dolled Rick Story, though, another great wrestler.

Could you picture GSP knocked out by Serra? Big Nog submitted by Mir? Mirko Crocop knocked out with a high Gonzaga?
Yes, I can picture Maia tripping any one because he is that good. That's why that example you gave, in particular, was lame. I didn't say nothing about the rest in that occasion.
Moderate your language and show some respect when in disagreement, please.
Your passive aggression is really a thing of beauty. It's great the way you are trying to spin this around on me.

You respond to a multi-paragraph post I made earlier in this thread with one line:

"lame example man".

You didn't "state your disagreement about the trip". Well, you did, but you did it in such a smarmy manner that it made it virtually impossible for me not to respond to in an abrasive manner. You stated that you disagreed (like an ass), yet you didn't state why you disagreed. And like I said, if you're not going to at least back up your opinion with some thought out points, don't bother posting at all.

Your post here served no purpose other than to bait me into an attack or argument, congratulations, mission accomplished. You knew exactly what you were doing.

Then you try and come at me with your condescending, patronizing, up your own ass attitude.

As for me forcing my opinion, I think it's probably universally agreed that Chael Sonnen is not THE best MMA wrestler in this sport. I'd be shocked if any one on this forum actually believes that Chael Sonnen is the best wrestler in the game today. One of the best? Yes, the very best? No. Statistics and examples simply don't support this opinion, and despite popular belief, opinions can actually be, very, very wrong.

Chael Sonnen got lateral dropped and flipped straight onto his head, I'd call that a bit of a rag dolling. The move was very Jon Jones esque. I also certainly wouldn't class Rick Story a great wrestler. He's decent, yes, great? I wouldn't say so.

If you want to debate civilly, then drop the high and mighty attitude, and stop responding to my posts with one sentence replies baiting me into an argument.

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