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Originally Posted by AJClark View Post
Why would you hope for that? I've been waiting for an entertaining TUF since about season 5...

Chuck n Randy were cool with each other and that was a great 1st season.

The coaches don't have to hate each other for it to be good... the UFC needs to get some decent fighters on it to be good.
Because I won't be watching TUF either way, stopped watching that trash around 3-4 seasons ago.

Season 1 was great because they had some legitimate top talent on the show.

I agree that the coaches don't have to hate each other for it to be good, but Dana is all about those ratings and the big bucks. Rivalry and bad blood sells, it sells a lot. If Jones and Chael aren't at each others throats every week, Dana will be pissed. That was his master plan all along.

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