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problem is GSP will get hit in the fight and it only takes one for Anderson. There's no way GSP can take him down for 5 straight rounds, keep him there and never git hit. If the fight happens GSP probably gets tko'ed in the second or third once Anderson gets pissed.

In my mind Anderson is underrated because he likes to let fights go longer than they need to just for the fans, if he wanted to he could have come out and demolished every opponent he's ever faced in the UFC (besides Chael 1 when he was hurt). GSP is good, but Anderson is legendary, he lets people impose their gameplans on him just to prove to them they have literally 0% chance. He lets people hit him in the face so it's a fight and not a one sided beatdown. GSP is a skilled athlete, but from a raw fighting perspective nobody can do what Anderson can, nobody lets their opponents hit them for fun. I've seen fights where Anderson walks directly through punches as if they are pillows. I've never seen him show visible damage, even after Chael pounded on him for 20 minutes he looked unscathed. GSP just has nothing for him, if he had a Hendricks bomb or Maia level submissions he'd maybe win but he doesn't. Anderson will just wriggle around and get off the ground when he decides, maybe the 4th just because he wants to give the fans their moneys worth. People giving GSP a chance underestimate Anderson, he is the best there's ever been by a large margin. When he decides to fight back his ground defense is unbeatable to a gnp wrestler, he just extends his arms and legs staight and rolls around until the guy on top can't hold him any more. At the end of the first round in chael vs. silva 2 he was screwing around going "you can't hit me, look, you can't do anything"

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